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Dear Emily
From Ray

She was so carefree
She had the world in her palm
A bright eyed young child with a knack for trouble
Like her parents she barely knew
Just a few fragments of her past
Her mothers beauty
Her wildness untamed
Like a tiger in the wild
Her fathers eyes
Grey as storms
Bright enough to let the sunshine
His steadiness and solid mind
To calm her wild nature

Two paths lay ahead
One of gentle pure nature
A solid path of good wise decision
No wildness and a stay
One of wild chaotic nature
Of unsteady uncertain decisions
Of running when necessary

He is strong and steady
But kind hearted and wise
He will learn his strength
He will be strong in his decisions
He will not turn away from the fire
Even when it burns with such ferocity
That he must look way it seems

He is carving his own path
Choosing to be a leader
To inspire
To educate
When others would follow
Choosing strength and wisdom
Over weakness and stupid behavior
He wants to show he is leader
Make the decision
But will listen wisely
And consider his place earned not given

He is a man not a boy
A he not a she
And constantly learning
How to grow from a young man to a adult.

Who am I intro blog....

Who am I ? Well that depends who you talk to..

To my best girl friends I am a sister and a friend. I am both close and supporting as a mother but as distant and emotionally bitter and closed off as anyone can be. They have seen my highs and lows. I have both hated and loved them in one day. 

To my work mates I am a strong manager who will support and help at her own expense. I am also strict when needed. 

To my close male friends I am brother, drinking buddy and supportive in a guy way. 

To myself I am nothing special and nothing worth being concerned over. I simply let my moods, ideas and emotions occur in the moment.

To the world I tell them I am a transgender, bi sexual, multiple personality everything in one girl/boy. To be precise I am gender fluid - I wake up in the morning feeling either a girl or boy or sometimes neither.  I can love either gender however I am strongly into girls. 

To conclude how can anyone tell me what I am like without getting to know me?

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