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Who am I ? Well that depends who you talk to..

To my best girl friends I am a sister and a friend. I am both close and supporting as a mother but as distant and emotionally bitter and closed off as anyone can be. They have seen my highs and lows. I have both hated and loved them in one day. 

To my work mates I am a strong manager who will support and help at her own expense. I am also strict when needed. 

To my close male friends I am brother, drinking buddy and supportive in a guy way. 

To myself I am nothing special and nothing worth being concerned over. I simply let my moods, ideas and emotions occur in the moment.

To the world I tell them I am a transgender, bi sexual, multiple personality everything in one girl/boy. To be precise I am gender fluid - I wake up in the morning feeling either a girl or boy or sometimes neither.  I can love either gender however I am strongly into girls. 

To conclude how can anyone tell me what I am like without getting to know me?

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Posted on 09:00PM on Jan 18th, 2013
:-D I totally Understand.. so in long story who you are is you.. and there is only one of you!!! :-D
Posted on 11:57PM on Jan 18th, 2013
Something like that!
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